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Focusing on Three Major Products Utilizing Soybean
Asahimatsu Foods Co., LTD. started its business with dried-frozen tofu, and to become the top Dried-Frozen Tofu manufacturer in Japan, we have made consistent efforts and steadily achieved satisfactory results. Even after we attained the goal, based on the managerial foundation obtained by then, we initiated new businesses one after another with products familiar to Japanese people as daily foods such as instant miso (soybean paste) soup, in order to become a nation-wide food manufacturer. The history of this company was a repetition of challenges to revitalize the market. We have developed original innovative products that other manufacturers would not think of, and increased the value of the overall category of that food. We consider that it is one of the significant roles of Asahimatsu Foods to revitalize the whole market through this process and to satisfy our customers.
New Attempts in View of Modern Dietary Life and Vision for the Future
The modern social environment, including intensified price competition and a vigorous battle for market share by both major companies and newcomers, have not always provided a tailwind to Asahimatsu Foods. Therefore, we must get through the adverse market conditions by aggressively adopting overseas production strategies and other measures to reduce costs. On the other hand, we consider that the aging society and the recent increase of health consciousness will benefit us. Asahimatsu Foods has developed not only traditional foods but also products in new categories, such as diets for invalids and health supplements made of soybeans, to meet the demands of the times. In the future as well, all of our employees will keep supplying foods to satisfy our customers by carrying out operations with our 'company philosophy' and 'management principles' in mind, and pursuing health, palatability, convenience, safety and sense of ease.

Hirotaka Kinoshita, President & Representative Director

Company Profile
Company name Asahimatsu Foods Co., LTD.
Foundation December 19, 1950
Capital 1,617,000,000 yen
Representative Hirotaka Kinoshita, President & Representative Director
Number of employees 423 (as of the end of March, 2008)
Sales 17,545,000,000 yen (for the fiscal year ended in March, 2008)
Office Central Office/ Iida
Head Office/ Osaka
Sales Branch/ Tokyo and Osaka
Sales office/ Sendai, Chubu, Hiroshima, Takamatsu and Fukuoka
Factory/Tenryudaiichi, Tenryudaini, Iida, Ina, Takamori, Ono, and Saitama
Food Research Laboratories
Business Manufacture and sales of dried-frozen tofu bean curd, instant miso soup, natto,
flavored deep-fried bean curd, diet for invalids (cut gourmet) and other products
Major business partners Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Itochu Corporation, etc.
Financing banks The Hachijuni Bank, Ltd., the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., and Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation
Affiliated companies Asahimatsu Fresh System Co., LTD.
ShinSeon Natto Co., Ltd.

1950 Founded on Dec. 19.
1951 Started manufacturing Dried-Frozen Tofu on May 15.
1962 Tenryu Factory completed.
1967 Asahi Dofu Sales Co., Ltd. established.
1971 Formed a business alliance with Diya Dofu Co., Ltd.
As sales sector, Shinshu Dofu Sales Co., Ltd. (later Shinshu Foods Co., Ltd.)established.
1972 Released products processed with sodium bicarbonate (ammonia-free)for expansion and softening.
1978 Food research laboratory completed. Reinforced the research and development system.
1981 Instant miso soup "Namamisozui" released.
1982 Won the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award in the 4th Awards Ceremony
for Excellent Companies in Food Industry.
1983 Changed the name "Asahimatsu Dried-Frozen Tofu Co., Ltd." to
"Asahimatsu Foods Co., Ltd."
"Namamisozui" won the 1982 Hit Product Award by Japan Food Journal Co., Ltd.
"Namamisozui" in cup released.
1984 Released chilled food "Ageichi" in the Kinki region.
Released natto "Nattoichi" in Nagano Prefecture.
1985 "New" Asahimatsu Foods Co., Ltd. formed by merging (the old) Asahimatsu Foods Co., Ltd.,
Daiya Dofu Co., Ltd. and Shinshu Foods Co., Ltd.
Released "Nattoichi" in Kinki region.
1986 Takamori Factory for manufacturing natto completed.
1988 "Nattoichi" won Bio Food Development Award for 1987 from Japan Food Journal Co., Ltd.
1990 Moved headquarters operations to Osaka, and established central office at Iida.
1992 Tomobe Factory completed in Ibaraki for manufacturing natto.
Listed on the second section of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
1993 Ono Factory completed in Hyogo for manufacturing natto.
1995 Logistics Center established at Dashina, Iida City.
1996 "Fully Matured Nattoichi", natto matured at the temperature of ice, released in Kanto region.
Won the 13th Logistics Award from Japan Institute of Logistics Systems.
1997 Saitama Factory completed in Saitama for manufacturing natto.
1998 ASAHIMATSU FRESH SYSTEM CO., LTD., a subsidiary distribution company, founded.
Released diet for invalids, "Cut Gourmet".
1999 Iida Factory obtained ISO 14001 certification.
Shikoku Asahimatsu Natto Center completed in Kagawa for helping manufacture of natto.
2000 Qingdao Liaison Office opened in China.
2001 Tenryudaiichi Factory and Saitama Factory obtained ISO 9001 certification.
2004 Obtained ISO 9001 certification for all departments from order receiving for
Dried-Frozen Tofu and natto to delivery of products.
"QINGDAO ASAHIMATSU KANGDA FOODS CO.,LTD.", a joint venture for manufacture and
sales of ingredients for instant miso soup, was established at Jiaonan City, Shandong, China.
Tomobe Factory closed.
"Nattoichi" won Special Shinshu Brand Award.
"ShinSen Natto Co., Ltd.", a joint venture for manufacture and sales of natto,
was established at Sari, Goesan-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea.
2006 ShinSeon Natto Co., Ltd. completed.
The entire company obtained ISO 9001 certification.

Office location
Head Office

Central Office and
Asahimatsu Fresh System Co.,LTD.

Tenryudaiichi And Tenryudaini Factorys
Dried-Frozen Tofu
Ina Factory
Dried-Frozen Tofu
Iida Factory
Dried-Frozen Tofu
Food Research Laboratory

(Jiaonan City, Shandong, the People's
Republic of China)
ShinSeon Natto Co., Ltd.
Goesan-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do,
the Republic of Korea

Asahimatsu Product Lineup
Example among many of Asahimatsu products
Dried-Frozen Tofu
Asahimatsu Dried-frozen Asahimatsu Dried-frozen Asahimatsu Dried-frozen Asahimatsu Bite-Size Asahimatsu Dried-frozen Asahimatsu Family-Size
Tofu 10-Pack Tofu 5-Pack Tofu with instant Dried-Frozen Tofu Tofu in plastic Dried-Frozen Tofu
bouillon 5-pack with instant bouillon bag 5-pack 12-pack
Instant miso soup and other soups(in plastic bag)
Additive-Free Namamisozui Additive-Free Namamisozui Oishisa Yoridori Dan Dan Soup with Chicken Soup Pho
Mixed miso Mixed miso with spinach 10-pack bean-starch vermicelli 5-pack
Instant miso soup, other soups and sweets(in cup)
Namamisozui Namamisozui Additive-Free Namamisozui
Pork soup Shijimi clam soup Spinach 100
Product for commercial use
Asahi Bean Curd New Top Dried-Frozen Tofu Frozen and Seasoned Namamisozui for commercial use Seasoning for Shiraae
Dice-cut 1/6 Dried-Frozen Tofu Assorted additive-free mashed tofu salad
for Prepared Meal 30-pack Plain type
Diet for Invalids
Cut Gourmet(Chopped) Cut Gourmet(Minced) Cut Gourmet Cut Gourmet Cut Gourmet Cut Gourmet
Egg soup with freede-dried Flatfish with starchy Frozen chopped Retort rice Azuki-bean soup with Frozen and seasoned
bean curd and shrimps sauce udon noodle porridge race cake soft natto
Health Supplement with Soybean
@@ Nattokinase Soybean Isoflavone Glucosamine Soybean Serine Soybeans with Amino Soybean Catechin Soybean
Black Vinegar Q10 Sterol

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