Daizu no Hana

Daizu no Hana (soybean flakes)

The Daizu no Hana flakes are a healthy material made from soybeans.
It doesn't have the expected strong taste of soybean and as such can be easily added to or used in any dish. With the nutritious value of soybeans in the spotlight and health-consciousness growing all over the world, this product perfectly matches those needs.

Daizu no Hana (soybean flakes)


Nutritional content is almost the same as for soybeans.
Daizu no Hana soybean flakes can be consumed as they are since they have been cooked already.
Preparation is not required and the soybean nutrients can be enjoyed just by opening the container.
No food additives were used in the manufacturing (no food additives nor colouring).

Manufacturing Process

Our usual soybean product manufacturing process


Manufacturing Process
for Daizu no Hana soybean flakes

Important point
Nutritional content for Daizu no Hana soybean flakes is almost the same as for soybeans as they are manufactured without separating the soy pulp from the soy milk.

Nutrition facts

  • Energy426 kcal
  • Liquids8.1 g
  • Protein35.8 g
  • Fat21.8 g
  • Sugar14.0 g
  • Dietary fibre15.5 g
  • Ash4.8 g
  • Sodium5 mg
  • Calcium230 mg
  • Iron7.7 mg