• 1950

    Foundation of company on December 19

  • 1951

    Start of tofu manufacturing on May 15

  • 1962

    Completion of Tenryu Factory

  • 1967

    Establishment of Asahi Dofu Sales Co., Ltd.

  • 1971

    Business partnership with Daiya Dofu Co., Ltd.
    Establishment of Shinshu Dofu Sales Co., Ltd., (later Shinshu Foods Co., Ltd.) as a sales division

  • 1972

    Launch of New Asahi Tofu using sodium bicarbonate (ammonia-free) for swelling and softening

  • 1978

    Completion of Food Research Laboratory, strengthening of R&D system

  • 1981

    Launch of instant fresh miso soup “Namamisozui”

  • 1982

    Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award at the 4th Awards Ceremony for Excellent Companies in Food Industry

  • 1983

    Company name change from Asahimatsu Dried-Frozen Tofu Co., Ltd., to Asahimatsu Foods Co., Ltd.

  • 1985

    Merger of Asahimatsu Foods Co., Ltd., Daiya Dofu Co., Ltd., and Shinshu Foods Co., Ltd., to a new Asahimatsu Foods Co., Ltd.

  • 1990

    Move of corporate office to Osaka while Iida becomes the central office

  • 1992

    Listing on Osaka Securities Exchange Second Section

  • 1998

    Establishment of distribution subsidiary Asahimatsu Fresh System Co., Ltd. Launch of Cut Gourmet brand nursing food

  • 2001

    ISO9001 certification for Tenryu Daiichi Factory and Saitama Factory

  • 2004

    ISO9001 certification for all processes, from receiving of orders to delivery of dried bean curd and natto
    Establishment of joint enterprise Qingdao Asahimatsu Kangda Foods Co., Ltd. in Jiaonan City, Shandong province, China, for manufacture and sales of ingredients used for instant miso soup

  • 2005

    Establishment of joint enterprise SinSeon Natto Co., Ltd., in South Korea for manufacture and sales of natto

  • 2006

    ISO9001 certification for whole company

  • 2007

    Establishment of Qingdao Asahimatsu Kangda Import and Export Co., Ltd., in China for sales and trade business

  • 2012

    Renewal of online order site to strengthen mail-order business Launch of the Asahimatsu Foods Online Shop

  • 2013

    Listing on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (after-market integration) Revival launch of soybean flakes product Daizu no Hana

  • 2014

    Launch of processed food using in-house recipe of potassium carbonate for swelling and softening, followed by merger under the brand name of Shin Asahi Tofu

  • 2015

    FSSC22000 certification, the first in the dried bean curd business (besides hospital meals)

  • 2016

    FSSC22000 certification for whole company

  • 2017

    Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award at the 38th Awards Ceremony for Excellent Companies in Food Industry in recognition of unique dried bean curd manufacturing process
    Completion of organic fertilizer production facility Asahimatsu Bio Centre in Nagano